Anderson-Bohall Family History Photos

Cousin Sonner Murphy passed away last month. His being the oldest cousin, this has been a time to reflect on family history.  

Having been designated the keeper of the family archives that our Aunt Gussie had been saving for almost a century, and wanting to get as many pictures posted as possible before his August 31 st Grand Coffee Time Memorial (Coffee??) in Ketchikan, I am posting photos in a random sort of way with whatever explanation I may have. 

These are part of a much larger narrative dating back to the 1300's which is in the process of being written. The first pages will include family through our generation, that of the grandchildren of Mary Anderson Bohall


There is a comment box for anyone to share info, so add your questions and answers! Fun, huh?


Let's start with the central figure we all know - we will call her Nannie Mary Stass Anderson Bohall

Nannie with her mother, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Schlegel Stass  May 1888

Mary Bohall at age 35 holding her fourth child, Theodore Henry Bohall 1923 (from Molly-Kate)

Year Unknown

The Anderson Bohall Family

Nannie's family were German/Swiss immigrants. Her first husband was Conrad Anderson, an immigrant from Norway. Nannie was working in  her mother's bakery in Alabama where she met Conrad. Conrad was killed in a train accident in 1913.  She later married Ted Bohall in Seattle.

                    Gussie                       Nannie with Ted and Buddie          Elizabeth and Fran

                                                                      1929 est?

We have few pictures of Conrad, but this is the most commonly found one in the pictures collected.  He is leading the parade in a Modern Woodsman Drill Team.  Early 1900's.  Conrad was killed in a train accident in 1913.

"Little Mary" May 22, 1888

The first sister to get married was Fran!  She married Spike Murphy in Ketchikan, her home for life.



Sonner .....

...followed by Kathy

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